When: July 5 – 8, 2018 
York University, Faculty of Environmental Studies
Who is it for: Graduate students and early career scholars working on degrowth, socio-ecological transformations, and ecological economics
Cost: Free! You will have to pay your own transportation to and from Toronto and one nights stay at York (dorms ~$30-50) – but we provide everything else, including meals and transportation to the ranch. There is a possibility for refunds on transportation, but this is not confirmed. If cost is a barrier for your attendance, please contact the CANSEE VP Team: vpteam@cansee.ca


  • Professional development with the David Suzuki Foundation and Government of Ontario employees;
  • Feedback from peers and experts in relevant fields including complex systems, urban studies, ecological economics, and political ecology;
  • A special (and optional) group outing to Rawhide Adventures for team building, music; hiking, and more informal academic discussion around the fire;
  • Chance to contribute to a special edited collection of works;
  • Significant time spent focusing on your work

CANSEE invites you submit an abstract for our 2018 Student Workshop. We get a lot of feedback from students after our biannual conferences. Many of you want more time to talk and more time to get feedback on your work. Given the size of our conferences, this just isn’t possible. Instead, we’re offering a workshop that specifically focuses on the work of ecological economic students!

The purpose of this workshop is:

  1. To help students develop, question, and grow their main arguments
  2. To establish the next generation of ecological economic leaders
  3. Create synergies between research projects by these new leaders to help frame EE discourse in the next decades

To meet these goals, we have divided the workshop up into two parts:

Part 1: Thursday and Friday are devoted to hearing presentations by students and receiving feedback. Students will submit a short written piece (~3000 words) outlining their argument (this can be something you’ve already written – a project proposal, working draft of a paper, or a diatribe). At least two people will read your paper (one peer and one expert). You will give a short 10-minute presentation on your work to a group of people working on similar topics followed by significant discussion time to hash out questions and have deep conversations.

Part 2: On Friday afternoon we will all hop into cars and vans and trek up to Rawhide Adventures – a horse ranch just North of Toronto. At the ranch we will do team building activities and continue talking about our ideas in a very different setting. At the ranch we will be sleeping in tents and eating around the fire.

Given the format of the workshop, spaces are limited. The workshop is focused on graduate students and early career scholars.

This workshop is an excellent opportunity to get extensive feedback on your work, be part of a publication framing the debate of EE, and to bond with other emerging scholars in the field of ecological economics. We hope that you’ll be as excited about this event as we are.

Please submit your abstract as soon as possible: york2018.cansee.ca/abstract-submission
We will be accepting abstracts until April 15, 2018.

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